Behavior Management Training for Shadow Teachers Held on 15-16th June 培训回顾:行为管理实践技能培训班于6月15日-6月16日成功举办

Olivia's Place Comments Off on Behavior Management Training for Shadow Teachers Held on 15-16th June 培训回顾:行为管理实践技能培训班于6月15日-6月16日成功举办

Some questions are often bothering the parents and the teachers. For example, why doesn’t my child listen to me? Why does my student walk around the classroom while others are sitting in a circle? Why does my student always use a high voice in my class? Challenging behavior can be “challenging” to deal with.WechatIMG691

On 15th and 16th June 2019, LIH Olivia’s Place organized a Behavior Management Training class for 15 people. The participants included parents, teachers, and shadow teachers (i.e. learning aids). Lee ChunMae, the Board Certified Behavior Analyst, walked the trainees through the two-day training. The training aims to enable parents and teachers with knowledge and skills to address a child’s challenging behaviors. The first-day training included theory introduction about ABA, Function Behavior, ABC’s of Behavior, Behavior Assessment and Functional Reinforcement, and Punishment & Extinction. On day two, the training goes deeper and more practical with practices on behavior intervention, assessing and identifying skills to teach managing stress and feeding problems.

WechatIMG689This training is based on the Early Intensive Behavior Intervention (EIBI), which is an evidence-based program and has been proven to be effective for children with autism and other challenging behaviors. Having worked with the international schools in Shanghai over the last few years, we noticed that there is a need for shadow teachers to support students to fit in to the school. We developed this training to support the attendees to have a better understanding of children with difficult behaviors and become more capable of addressing their behavior. The shadow teacher trainees can also get 1 to 1 coaching with our specialists to become more competent in their work with children.
The training was delivered in Chinese with bilingual powerpoint slides. It can be delivered in English upon request. Contact us to get to know about our future workshops or book a workshop for your institution.


Lee Chun Mae, MA, BCBA, Clinical Psychologist

Applied Behavior Analyst
Chunmae is a registered Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and a clinical psychologist. She obtained her Master’s degree in Clinical psychology at the Yonsei University in 2015 and mainly studied on sleep problems and facial expression mechanism of children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). She also participated in a program that aimed to develop a mobile application to increase the skills of emotion recognition. She began her career as a behavior assessor, using Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) to evaluate and deal with students’ problem behaviors in school and clinic settings. Following this, she provided individual and group behavioral interventions such as Discrete Trial Teaching (DTT), PECS to children and adolescents diagnosed with developmental disorders, especially autism. She has experiences in curriculum development for the improvement of autistic children’s social skills. She is certified as a Clinical Psychologist and has experiences in implementing full clinical battery assessments to evaluate mental disorders. Language: Mandarin, Korean, English, Japanese



6月15日-6月16日,上海长和大蕴进行了为期两天的行为管理技能培训。本次培训由长和大蕴应用行为分析专家Lee Chun Mae主讲,共有15位学员参与了此次技能培训。